Production Technician Advanced Course


Add new level of proficiency to your skills with our exclusive designed Advanced Course. It helps you get some of the most highly paid and satisfying career opportunities in the production industry.

The duration of the course is six months and covers up the advanced skills needed to be a Production Technician. The apprentice needs to clear the Basic Course and should have at least 6 months work experience in the host company to be eligible for the Advanced Course.

We work in groups with a maximum 15 apprentices and with an innovative policy of 1 student –> 1 machine. It helps us to focus on each student and work on them individually. The Bharatiya Skill Development Campus’ Advanced Program is a smart blend of the workshop and theoretical classes. The trainings are planned in such a way that the apprentice gets the maximum benefit from each module. We could run up to 3 extended courses at the same time. Here 5 days in a week are reserved for the workshop, which gives hands-on experience to the apprentice to work on sophisticated machines while 1 day is spent learning the nuance of theoretical aspects.

Admission Criteria

  • Having passed Basic Course OR
  • 3 years experience in Industry
Advanced Course (6 Months)

Course on “CNC – Milling and Turning”
  • Programming CNC
  • Setting CNC
  • Maintenance CNC
Advanced course on “Handskills and Mechanical Fundamentals”
  • Filing
  • Cutting / sawing
  • Drilling
Advanced course on “Turning and Milling”
  • Conventional Turning
  • Conventional Milling
  • Grinding
  • 2D
  • 3D- Basics
Course on “Assembly and Measuring Technologies”
  • Assemble, equip, and set up different assembly kits
Advanced course on “Pneumatics and Electropneumatics”
  • Pneumatics
  • Electropneumatics