Taking a step ahead now with skill development… Waiting for the leap to india 2020

Waiting for the leap to india

Taking a step ahead now with skill development… Waiting for the leap to india 2020

It is legal to work after the age of 14 years and the average maximum employable age for an Indian is 42 years. A little mathematics will suggest that a skilled Indian would work for at least 30 years in his lifetime. If the monthly salary is at least INR 20,000, it comes to around INR 72 lacs of income in a lifetime. It is just a wild guess… With skilled development program in place, the salaries will grow and so would the opportunities to work in industries that are advancing in terms of employability, productivity and of course satisfaction.

Skilled Development Course: Industrial Requirements

Top 10 industries that are looking for skilled and well-trained to meet market demands are:

1. Automotive Industry: Car making, spare parts, paints, electrical, glass and rubber segments
2. Civil infrastructure :Cement, bricks, Bridge, sanitation
3. Hospitality and Healthcare
4. Ship building
5. Oil and gas industries
6. Agric-based farming tools
7. Handloom industry
8. Food packaging and handling
9. Rural telecom connectivity
10. Education and practical training institutes

The skill development program initiated by Indian PM recently is a long-term initiative. It is much like the 5-Year Planning programs that governed much of the earlier part of India’s growth and sustainability.

Skills that training programs will specifically target

When it comes to delivering skilled manpower, it is very important to identify the relevance of the skills with the market demand. Skills that make a huge difference to the employability of a person are listed as below.

– Ability to handling hand-tools
– Ability to read and understand industrial manuals, handbooks and safety instructions
– Competence with modern technologies and automation
– Fluency with vernacular as well as professional language on shop floor
– Behavioural skills to handle stress, conflicts and inter-team challenges
– Planning for career growth and employability options

Targeting Niche population

Skill development programs are designed keeping in mind the demographical and anthropological challenges any individual may face. The key features of the program are:

– Customized programs for female workers of all age, including those who are married and have a household to manage
– Vocational training for physically challenged individuals with special care and by certified trainers
– Developing skilled manpower pool around Smart city hubs to ensure the continuous expansion of newly identified urban cities.
– Identifying sponsors and equitable market players to fund skill development programs in the long run
– Enable moral support in times where employment may not come through or loss of employment due to unnatural as well as natural events

Institutions involved in skill development program

Skill development training is a collaboration-based program. Partnership with following institutions is driving the campaign.
– Private sector operators and financial units
– International MNCs
– Central ministries and supported campaigns
– State government schemes and NQSF
– NGOs, Schools and Universities

Every skill development program we will see in coming days shall be a synchronized blend of education, employment and economy.